Muay Thai

Muay Thai, originating in Thailand, is also known as Thai boxing. It is a very tough martial art that uses punches, knees, elbows and kicks. It is an attack sport that includes 4 limbs.

kick box

Kick box; It is an electric combat sport created by combining punch, kick, knee and limited clinch practices. It is also applied as an exercise system.


Boxing; It is a sport where two people use their fists to attack and defend within the framework of certain rules. history goes back to 7000s before Christ.


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full contact combat and defense sport that is used in other combat sports and includes a wide range of defense, combat and attack techniques.


Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art, sports and personal protection way that focuses specifically on catching the opponent and fighting on the ground. Jiu Jitsu literally means 'delicate art' (arte suave). It is among the defense sports performed without using weapons.


Kenpo is a highly established martial art systemized for attack and defense. It is an art of armed, unarmed assault and defense that includes attacking techniques with hands and feet of equal violence.

About me

Who is Dağhan Sağlam?

Muay Thai National Athlete and Coach 

Born on May 15, 1991 in Kadıköy, Istanbul, originally from Trabzon, the national athlete started his sports life in the Marmara Sports Club in 1999 with the Kick Boxing and then the Muay Thai branch.

Despite receiving sponsorship offers from many European countries such as England, Netherlands and France, the National Athlete, who is also the 4th in Europe and attracted attention at his young age, continued his career in his country due to family reasons.

Muay Thai & Kick Boxing & Boxing
MMA & Jiu-Jitsu & Kempo
TRX & Fitness & Body Building

Sturdy Team

What Our Lessons Get You

Speed ​​Training

Shadowboxing (Raw Speed ​​Training), Push-ups (Explosive Speed), Punch Interval, Force Speed ​​Training (Speed ​​Bag & Double-End Bag), Resistance Band

Strength Training

Accommodating Resistance Training, Velocity Based Training (VBT), Loaded Jump (Pylo Box), Olympic Lifts

Reflex Training

Coin Catch, Foam Sticks, Double End Bag, Reaction Ball Training, Drop & Catch, Wall Toss, Ball Toss, Elastic Head Ball

Condition Training

Jumping Rope, Battle Rope, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Station Training,

Endurance Training

Cardio, Muscle Memory, Muscle Conditioning, Technique

Balance Training

Bosu Ball Training (Balance Ball), Balance Beam, Unilateral Exercises, Shadow Boxing (Balance), Footwork Drills,

Stretching and Stretching

PNF Stretching, Ballistic Stretching, Dynamic Stretching, Static Stretching,


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